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Parent Participation

One of the very unique things about The Model School is our excellent culture of parent involvement. Parent participation is a significant part of a successful Montessori curriculum and a great way to build community amongst our families. 


Here is some important information about our parent participation opportunities:

  • 12 hours per year for a 2-parent family and 6 hours per year for a 1-parent family; if you are unable to complete your hours, you will be invoiced at the end of the school year at $20 per hour for any un-worked time

  • Each classroom has at least one room parent whose responsibilities include teacher-parent communications, community-building events, and new family orientations. Being a room parent satisfies all of your parent-hour requirements!

  • Once enrolled, we ask that you join a committee to complete your parent hours throughout the year. These committees often include community events, planning, or campus beautification projects.

  • We have a parent leadership group to help coordinate; it's made up of the room parents and the treasurer. To reach the leadership team, please email

Parent leadership hosts a monthly meeting on the second Thursday of the month from 5:30 to 6 PM and a community dinner from 6 to 6:30 PM. Attending the meeting counts towards your parent participation hours.

Ways to Become Involved:

   •    Chaperone on field trips.

   •    Volunteer for work projects around the school.
   •    Volunteer for work weekends
   •    Help with fundraising
   •    Work on a parents’ group committee
   •    Become a room parent

A calendar of TMS Parents' Group events can be found below:

Click the "+ Google Calendar" button to subscribe to the calendar if you use Google Calendar, or paste this ICS link into your preferred calendaring app (Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, etc).


The Parents' Group has a few committees which take on smaller projects or responsibilities; a committee isn't necessarily responsible for doing all of the work in its domain, but it is responsible for organizing it.

  • The Teacher Appreciation Committee helps show gratitude to our awesome teachers by setting up luncheons and other events to benefit the teachers. At at a minimum, they expect to run two teacher appreciation lunches per year (one in April and one in December).

  • The Gardening/Beautification Committee makes the school more visually appealing outdoors. This includes planting in the raised beds, clearing weeds, and decorating the outdoor space. They will be running at least two group events per year to work on the space

  • The Jellyfish Graduation Committee takes point on coördinating graduation, including arranging vendors (photographer, etc), setting up chairs and decorations, organizing a potluck, and cleanup

  • The Handypeople Group helps maintain the school's physical plant

If you aren't on a committee, or want to change your membership, talk to the Leadership Polygon!

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